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Stitches Conference: Tunisian Crochet in the Round

Tunisian crochet has been a love of mine for some time. I created my Elizabeth infinity scarf design in Tunisian crochet after my grandmother died a few years ago.   I love making it for every order I get.  Tunisian crochet works up as quickly as standard crochet yet offers a number of new stitches to work.

Now to explain a little about Tunisian crochet. It's a cross between knitting and crocheting. You work it with a long crochet hook. You may have seen them in a store and wonder why the hook was so long. You pick up a number of loops on the hook and work them off one by one. Leaving the loops on the hook is very similar to knitting in that sense.  But in this class I worked with a double ended crochet hook - a hook at each end.

I elected to take Tunisian in the Round by Lily Chin this year at Stitches, held in Santa Clara. I've actually been a fan of Lily's designs and credit her for encouraging me to play with yarn color.  It was a pleasure meeting her and learning new…

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